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X-Large 16" Traditional - Make Your Own Pizza


Begins with traditional Italian thick crust, tomato sauce & cheese.
Thin and extra thin crust available upon request.

Add your favorite toppings:
(X-Large) Ingredients $2.25 each
(X-Large) Premium Ingredients (level1) $4 each
(X-Large) Premium Ingredients (level 2) $7 each

Crust Type - X-Large:Traditional Thin Extra Thin
Pizza Toppings - X-Large:Anchovies +$2.25*Bacon +$3.50*Canadian Bacon +$3.50*Chicken +$3.50Ground Beef +$2.25*Italian Beef +$3.50Pepperoni +$2.25Sausage +$2.25Artichoke +$2.25Black Olives +$2.25Green Olives +$2.25Green Peppers +$2.25Ham +$2.25Hot Giardiniera +$2.25Jalapeños +$2.25Mushroom +$2.25Onions +$2.25Pineapple +$2.25*Ricotta Cheese +$3.50Spinach +$2.25Tomatoes +$2.25Zucchini +$2.25

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